1. Accessing the OpTrust Educational Bundle

If are interesting in implementing OpTrust at your institution, we ask that you request the bundle through this website. Upon contacting us, a member of the team will reach out to you to set up a virtual meeting to answer any questions you may have.

2. Virtual Consultation

During this meeting, we will discuss all aspects of OpTrust education and assessment. OpTrust can be implemented in two ways. The educational component can be used independently as a surgical education development curriculum to enhance faculty and trainee skillsets. When the educational component and assessment tool are used together, it enables programs to measure levels of entrustment and entrustability at their institution, identify possible educational inhibitors, and utilize the educational component to enhance faculty development and trainee growth.

3. Implementation of the OpTrust Educational Bundle

Establishing OpTrust at your institution will require time and resource investment. Departmental leadership is essential. Enthusiastic engagement of faculty and trainee stakeholders will be a critical component, as well. OpTrust partner institutions typically appoint both faculty and resident representatives to coordinate OpTrust educational and assessment efforts. Additionally, a research coordinator is helpful in providing administrative and training support for instiutions interested in OpTrust assessment.

4. Delivering the Educational Bundle

We are continually refining and improving our content. For optimal implementation, we work with surgical departments to deliver the OpTrust education component to faculty and trainee audiences during a devoted education Grand Rounds. The curriculum can be delivered virtually or in-person. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, we have modified each component of the educational bundle to be delivered online. Furthermore, in light of current research limitations, we can work with institutions on strategies that can be used to implement OpTrust assessment safely.

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